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4-5ths, originally uploaded by photographerpainterprintmaker.

Here is another for Sunday Stills. My husband and I belong to the Essex – Kent Cage Bird Society. We raise cockatiels, and English Budgerigar’s. This photo was cropped in the Gimp. So as not to upset the parents, I used a flashlight to light the chicks. The photo was taken with my point and shoot Canon. Being responsible breeders, and due to the bad economy last year, we chose only to raise one nest of chicks. We have over thirty birds in our aviary. The hen is a rare variety. We were very pleased with this mating, and took home many trophies from this single nest. I will try to post photo’s of all the trophies, these tiny fuzzy babies brought home from the Eastern Canadian Classic Show of 2009. I will also post photo’s of them as they look now. We’ve kept these chicks to add to our breeding program.