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Grapes! Grapes were on sale at the local Price Chopper. When my hubby brought them home I thought, now’s there’s an answer to this weeks challenge. I dusted off my trusty Nikon, and dug into the linen cupboard. The sun was bright and my spirits high. That is until I tried to turn on my camera and found that I once again forgot to shut it off and drained the battery. I didn’t panic. I had a few hours of daylight left in this wondrous day.

I popped the battery into the fast charger and set a timer. Maybe an hour would give it time to charge? Well, it took two, and the sun was fast moving and my plans were close to being lost.

Five o’clock, the golden hour of sunlight arrives and thankfully the battery is charged. With a bit of jury rigging I was able to set up this still life, in the warm natural light of a February sun.