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Elizabeth Gaye MacDonald is an award winning professional Plein Air artist. She has also won awards for her photography and is known for her intalgio and relief printmaking. She was born in Gross Point Michigan and attended school in Detroit. Her family moved to a farm in Canada in the 60’s. After high school, she pursued a career in office administration and accounting. While working for the international accounting firm KPMG, she attended the University of Windsor and studied with the CMA on a part-time basis. When her mother passed, she left accounting to care for her father. In 1996, she changed her University major to Fine Arts and continued on to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree in 2001. After graduating, while still caring for her father, she volunteered and worked part time at the Windsor Printmaker’s Forum. She held several positions on their Board during her tenure there, in addition to teaching Printmaking and Life Drawing. In 2009, she founded the Windsor & Essex County Plein Air Artists group. This group paints year round in all-weather. Elizabeth organizes events in Canada and participates in plein air events internationally. Her work is in private and corporate collections in the U.S. and Canada.