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The Arts Council-Windsor Region has spearheaded a unique community sketch night. They are scheduled for every other Monday. What is unique about them is that a different organization hosts the sketch night each week. Each organization puts its own spin on the night.

The first night was hosted by a talented young artist. His take on the event was a method called the “Exquisite Corpse”. Each person started a drawing, and when time was called the drawings were passed to the right. The event stopped when your drawing made it back to you. It was very interesting what others did to your original work. Passing your work onto someone else was quite a scary proposition. It helped detach me from my work and see the unique directions others would take it in.

Yesterday, Monday November 26th was hosted by Sho Art, Spirit & Performance, a fairly new gallery in the city. They hosted a life drawing evening. There was an incredible turn out. Standing room only! My friends and I were one of the first to arrive, so we were able to get our pick of locations.

The next event is hosted by yours truly, at Windsor Printmaker’s Forum, where I am Vice President. I plan on setting up a number of unique still life stations for people to draw. They will rotate between the stations throughout the evening. I’m quite excited, and nervous at the same time.

Please have a look at the drawings that I did at Sho.