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Well, today I attempted to connect my blog to Facebook. Although, at this point I’m not sure I like the application, and may at any time decide to do away with it. All I want to see is MY blog on my home Facebook page. Does this happen? NO! Instead I see a blog I bookmarked, with my blog below it. While I appreciate his blog, I don’t want to advertise him and whoever else I might want to follow on my page. So we shall see if I can fix this to show only my blog. It’s a good idea, but so far they are not giving me enough power over the content.

I also put a widget on my blog page that is supposed to direct traffic to my Facebook photo’s. Instead it just directs people to my Facebook. Another fail on Facebook’s part. Well, may not be an actual error on Facebook’s part, but on the part of the person who made the application. Must be sure to give credit where it is due.  <(~.^)>