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So, having said that I have to say that this month got off to a rocky start with my plein air paintings.  Two for the trash bin!  But, I did make up for it with a couple of great portraits that are headed to the Julia Kay Portrait Party exhibition in Lapeer, Michigan.  I’m also had happy with two of my plein air paintings in May.

As for plein air this week at Malden Park was a good painting, but I ended up getting into the ticks.  I’ve got the heebee jeebies!  I found two crawling on me when I got home on Monday.  I thought I was clear of them when last night I reached behind my ear to feel a lump.  You guessed it, a tick was imbedded behind my ear.  Well… it would have been great if I’d noticed it earlier in the day, but no it was past midnight!  So I called telehealth a service by the province of Ontario.  The service gives you access to a nurse that will help you with making a decision on if you need to go to emergency, or if it can wait till  morning.  Well, unfortunately since the tick was probably in my ear for over 24 hrs it was important that I get it out asap.  I didn’t trust  my hubby to take it out, so off to emergency we went.  Even the ER Dr was squeamish.  A nurse practitioner got the lil begger out.  So now Freddie the Freeloader is headed off to the public health unit to be tested for Lyme disease.  Yes, I named the tick.

May fifth was a freezing cold day.  I started dropping my brushes because my hands wouldn’t work.  But the painting I did at River Canard Park I’m happy with.