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I am so GEEKED!!! After a two-year wait I’ve finally received my copy of Important World Artists Vol. 1! Published in California by World Wide Art Books Inc. This is a juried publication. I did not apply to be included in this book. I was invited to participate by the curator! This is not a vanity publication. I did not pay to have my work in this book, which makes it so much more exciting. I opened the book to search for my image and short bio, which I found posted on page 175.

Books are such wonderful things. I had the book delivered to my brother’s house in the U.S.A. to save on postage. My hubby, my sister-in-law, her sister and boyfriend were sitting on the patio. I’d already had the book in my hands for a while. I was so happy to finally have the book in my lap. As I lovingly caressed my copy, and breathed in the wonderful aroma of the newly printed book, I turned the book over on my lap to look at the images on the back cover… and SCREAMED!! MY IMAGE IS ON THE COVER!!!! OMG!!! What were the odds that they choose my work to grace the cover of this incredible book?!

How is being included in this book going to help me?  The publisher states:

Our books are distributed to galleries and other art and photography professionals all over the world. When a volume is released, we start sending out firstly the copies to the participants in the book and then we start sending free copies to galleries, agencies, museums, libraries, art collectors, consultants, interior design companies, etc. ~ FAQ World Wide Art Books

I am so honoured to be on the cover of this book.  Purchase the book on the World Wide Art Books site.