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I was privileged to be the host of yet another successful community sketch night on February 4th, 2013. A great group of sketchers got together and spent a couple of fun filled hours sketching each other, resulting in a great mutual admiration meeting by the end of the evening.

A bit of History on the ACRW Sketch Nights

The Arts Council-Windsor Region has spearheaded a unique community sketch night. They are scheduled for every other Monday. What is unique about them is that a different organization or artist hosts each sketch night.  Each organization puts its own spin on the night.

Elizabeth Gaye MacDonald,  President of the Windsor & Essex County Plein Air Society, will be hosting the second session of 2013 at Windsor Printmaker’s Forum.  Elizabeth is inspired by the artist Julia Kay who spearheaded Julia Kay’s Portrait Party. JKPP is a  communal project in which more than 700 artists from all over the world have so far made more than 30K portraits of each other in less than 3 years.  It should be great fun. Bring your sketchbooks, and drawing tools.

ACWR Sketch Night is made possible with the partnership of local artists Dave Kant, Christy Lister, Elizabeth MacDonald, Mary Wheeler,  Windsor Printmaker’s Forum, and the Arts Council of Windsor and Region.