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Donna posed a question for us for day 5 of the 21 day journal challenge. What would be my perfect Saturday? Well that’s a no brainer for me. Don my hat, grab my paints and head out to commune with nature and capture the country side.

I really wanted to depict my plein air painting, I was just trying to think of how to manage it. Then it hit me! My hat has become part of me, so much so that it’s almost a joke. Like I can’t paint without my lucky hat. I got the hat at the San Diego Zoo when I was out visiting my Aunt Janet, and my Cousin Julie. I keep adding things to it. First it was the feathers from my first trip to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I love my feathers! Then people started giving me pins, so I keep adding them to the hat as well. I just wish the pins had longer shanks most of them won’t stay on. :(

So, my favorite thing to do on a Saturday would be to go Plein Air painting. But, not alone I have to have all the gang, or at least one friend along with me.