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Last spring I visited a friends home. If I lived at their home I would never need to go on vacation. Their yard is a tropical paradise in the north. One plant in particular caught my eye. The common name for this large leafed plant is Elephant Ear for obvious reasons. She had just thrown out one of the beautiful leaves, and I begged her to save me the next one she had to prune. So this last Friday she called me. I was ecstatic! By Sunday I was in the studio preparing and inking up this lovely leaf for printing. It almost was too big for my Arches oversize BFK paper. Not to mention it hardly fit the press bed. I used the shop camera to document printing this beautiful plant. I can hardly believe that I was able to put the leaf through the press 12 times!

Please go here to see the slide show on Flickr. If you open the original photo’s you will see an explanation of what I am doing.