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The Kiss, originally uploaded by photographerpainterprintmaker.

The Leamington Marina was our original destination on Monday, June 6th, 2011. The Marina is a very pretty location, but sometimes pretty locations are not suitable for a painting. After about 1/2 hour searching for suitable subject matter, we decided to move on to Point Pelee, which is a few miles further down the road. It turned out to be a very good decision. We had the opposite dilemma at the point. There were so many great compositions that is was difficult to decide which one to paint.

I decided on the canoe’s. This turned out to be a great composition, but the canoe’s had a mind of their own. The staff have their orders and there is to be no fraternizing between canoes. One of them noticed that the green one had cut loose of its bindings, and was making out with the red one. So, she set about to lash it up to the other dock. “WAIT!” I exclaimed. She stopped dead and through my pleas she tied it up with the red canoe. The rest of the day they did the bump and grind to the slow ebb and flow of the marsh.

Now these lovely boats are for rent, but who knew someone would actually want to break up this lovely couple? Don’t ask me how, but within the blink of an eye I looked up and the red one was GONE! I swear I didn’t even see anyone near it, it just vanished! Fortunately, the staff were wonderful, and they put a new red one in the water for me. That fickle green guy didn’t even notice the difference! There were others who tried to break up the duo, but I kept a vigilant watch on the pair. I plead their case every time someone tried to break them up. While a few people looked at me a bit strange, I managed to keep them together the remainder of the day. I think we may see a few new brown canoe’s next summer. *wink!*

Via Flickr:
Watercolour Plein Air at Point Pelee National Park Marsh Boardwalk