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A knock on the door brought a delightful surprise today. It was a lovely bouquet from a dear friend of mine who had to move out west. We met only a year ago through my Plein Air outings. Jeanne is a wonderful artist, and a beautiful woman. It was heartbreaking to meet someone so nice only to loose her to a large move. Thankfully the internet allows us to keep in touch, but it definitely is not the same. We did get to share some great times last summer drawing and painting together.

Today was such a beautiful day that I was able to open up the back door and take some lovely photos in the natural light. Mind you the back room is our mud room, so I had to disguise the junk with some drapery. I think this photo turned out rather well.

I wish I had time to paint them. I’ve got a couple of big things on my plate these days. One is getting my artwork organized for Margaret’s and my show next week. The other is helping Patricia to get an Ontario Arts Council grant written. Maybe I will get a moment to breath, and in that moment I can paint or draw these beautiful flowers.