It is such a rare event that I get a photograph of my husband when he is NOT making an unintentional silly face, that even though this photo is a tad out of focus I have to put it up for Sunday Stills. You see I could not be more proud of him. He’s been competing in the Chartwell Senior Star contest for four years now. The first year he came in 2nd. This year he WON! Now all I can say is that you have to be 65+ to enter the contest. If I told you his age he would not be very pleased. Let’s just say he’s in better shape then many 1/2 his age.

We’ve had such a busy month. Sheldon was in two singing contests. The Windsor Bluesfest Idol, and the Chartwell Senior Stars. The Bluesfest he and his daughter made it to the 2nd round. We are very proud of them both.

But we are very excited about the Senior Star contest. Now that he has won the regional contest, Chartwell will send a video of him singing to Toronto to be judged with contestants from all across Canada. From those they will choose ten to go to the finals in Toronto. We hope he makes it to the finals. There are some very nice prizes. 1st prize is $5000.!! Last year the Prime Minister of Canada was in the audience! So wish him luck.

Here’s a video of him singing in the Windsor Bluesfest.